Anchor Point Greenhouse

Beulah Poindexter sitting next to the two products that she and dad CJ perfected.

Anchor Point Greenhouse, LLC was founded in 1976.

We started with one 28×96 greenhouse and Grandpa filled it with tomatoes and cucumbers. However, after two years, he was unable to find a market for his crops and over 10 tons of produce was plowed into the field.  He then tried selling plants but decided he was only getting enough to pay for the soil so decided to just sell the potting soil he had developed.  Using fish waste and seaweed he developed a unique compost, he then blended with native peat and Fishy Peat was born.

Grandpa and Grandmother continued making and selling Fishy Peat until Grandpa passed away.  The oldest son, Al quit teaching school to help his mother continue the business.  To make sure the soil was working, test plants were grown and then customers wanted to buy the test plants.  So, more greenhouses were built to accommodate the plant demand.  Al’s mother passed away in 2009 so now Al and his wife Grace continue the business along with some loyal employees.

Customers wanted to use Fishy Peat in small containers but drainage and aeration with small volumes became an issue so Fishy Peat was custom mixed with Pro-Mix (a Canadian soil mix with perlite) to alleviate the drainage problem and Alaska Earth was born.

A local contractor, Paul Roderick, has been locating and supplying the local peat and top soil to the Greenhouse  since 1978 and continues to do so today.

Fishy Peat is now primarily used in large beds or as an ingredient for other blends.  The secret is the massive amounts of beneficial micro-organisms.  Alaska Earth is used in mostly in small containers still relying on those micro-organisms and micro nutrients.  These potting soils are very versatile and a favorite of organic growers.

For a while, Anchor Point Greenhouse became a Farm Supply Store, offering feed, pet supplies, farm tools etc.  The feed section has been dropped because of decreasing demand.  The retail store still offers a myriad of gardening supplies, fertilizers, and small farm supplies along with their top quality plants, soil, and landscape materials.  They have recently branched out into growing field peonies and for the cut flower market and rhodiola for the herbal market.


About Anchor Point Greenhouse

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Covid19 safety guidelines:
Please wear mask, gloves or sanitize hands. Maintain 6ft plus distance. Only one person/ family per aisle in the greenhouses. Please be patient and do not hesitate to ask for help.